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Attribute up to 7x more pipeline influenced by your LinkedIn Ads.

Prove the impact of running LinkedIn Ads by identifying individual
deals and revenue influenced by your campaigns, even if the conversions happen elsewhere.

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Using Fibbler vs. LinkedIn’s Ads Platform

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HubSpot users spending at least $5k/mo on LinkedIn attribute up to 7x more pipeline with Fibbler.

“During my hunt for a tool to connect CRM data with LinkedIn Ads, I found Fibbler. Most other options are way to expensive, and what I really needed was a way to measure how my campaigns impact the pipeline. With Fibbler, that's finally doable. It's super handy for managing LinkedIn ads really shines during meetings with C-level and board members.”

Gauthier Gallin
Top 100 Most infuential PPC Expert

“We got Fibbler up and running in less than a day and it’s already syncing our LinkedIn Impressions data straight into HubSpot. It has really helped our marketing and sales teams get a clearer picture of how our demand generation efforts are impacting the pipeline. Absolutely love both the product and the price!”

Alen Todorov
Head of Marketing @

Put an end to guessing what ROI
you’re driving from LinkedIn Ads.

Adam Holmgren

During the summer of 2023, I reached a tipping point of frustration. I had spent thousands of hours working in the LinkedIn Ads platform, and it was almost impossible to prove ROI from it.

Most people don’t click on ads, and unless you have tons of direct conversions, it’s hard to show how your ads are impacting the pipeline.

I created Fibbler to solve this problem and to be affordable for individual marketers, empowering them to use it in C-level discussions without spending a fortune on attribution software.

Prove the impact of LinkedIn Ads without paying for enterprise bells and whistles and fancy implementation.


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